At the community shop you can find Newspapers, fresh fruit & veg, general groceries, Grasmere & Simpson Butchers meats, Bloomsbury bread, cakes, infamous rocky roaads, and much more...




The shop also has a very successful cafe, serving hot bacon, Simpsons sausage & egg rolls, toasties, Full English, sandwiches, pies, sausage rolls, cakes and coffee. so if you are passing for work, a cycle ride, or live 5 mins away come and visit for breakfast, lunch or just a treat.


Why is a "community shop" different?  Well, the first thing is it a not for profit enterprise that seeks to provide the community with services it otherwise lacks.  It is owned by its shareholders who elect its management committee who, in turn, then oversee the shop operations.  Any surplus profit the enterprise does make has to be put back into the community the shop serves.  In our case this is deemed to be all households roughly within a 3 mile radius of the shop.  Mainly the area covered by the Glenside Parish Magazine circulation, plus Clipsham.  Funds not needed to cover the shop expenses or ploughed into the business itself might be used to support other community amenities or community groups activities.  


  • There are 3 basic ways you can get involved, the most basic is to be a customer.  By shopping locally you will be supporting our objective to use as much local produce as possible - not just food & drink but a range of local products and services we aim to support.  Its a case of use it or lose it!
  • The second way is to be a shareholder and have a vote on who sits on the Committee and on what it does. Have a look on the Shareholders page for more information.
  • The third way is to be one of our volunteers and help to actually run the shop.  You can work as many or as few hours you can manage.  Apart from the fun of working in the shop you will meet and get to talk to many of your neighbours and friends in the villages and become more involved in your community.  We can never have too many volunteers.  So if you are interested just pop into at the shop, or give us a call 01780 769373, look forward to meeting you.